IGNOU Grade Card 2014 Latest


IGNOU has recently updated its Grade Card for 2014 with its latest June-December Assignments marks and practical exam marks also for students to see their complete Results with the status written “COMPLETED” means you have successfully completed that particular subjects in theory, practical and Assignments and you are now free from that subject. If in your grade card status its written incomplete than you need to make sure that you must be lacking some marks either in theory, practical or Assignments. For that you have to appear in exam again to complete theory and for practical, If you have failed to reach assignments marks then you have to submit assignments again. Click below link to download latest IGNOU Grade card 2014

IGNOU Grade card 2014 Latest

Before viewing your IGNOU Grade card 2014 do see your latest results of June 2014 which is announced by IGNOU on 9th July 2014 as early declaration for better status of grade card.

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IGNOU Grade Card 2014 Latest , 6.3 out of 10 based on 123 ratings
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  1. sir,
    my enrolment no is 130680710 and my course code is MPA. sir, i had submitted my dully filled up assignments namely MPA-11, MPA-12, MPA-13 & MPA-14 in the month of feb 2013 in sathye college, study centre in mumbai. I am also having the receipt of depositing the assignments. However i got transferred to New Delhi with Regional Centre as Delhi-3. I Had also given the term end examinations of MPA-11, 12, 13 & 14 on Dec 13 from delhi.
    Sir, My assignments marks are not showing in the grade card status. Please help me out.
    Thanking you,
    Sanjeet Routray
    Enrol No. 130680710
    Mob No – 7428970083

  2. Enfroment Number : 062374376
    Name : Laxmansingh Mohansingh Rawat
    Program: BNS


    Add BNA021 Assignment mark and issue Grade Card and Degree Certificate

    MohanSingh Rawat mrrawat57@gmail.com

    to student
    To, Date: 9th December,2013
    Registrar’s Secretariat
    SED Division,
    IGNOU, New Delhi


    IMA, Chennai already send BNA021 mark / Re-Assignment papers corrected three people & sent it to IGNOU on 16/11/13 each separately & the slip numbers are 1) C05263806 , 2)C05263807 & 3)C05263809. I request you to kindly add the BNA021 Assignment mark to my Grade Card and issue me B.Se Nautical Science Degree Certificate at the earliest. IMA had send me E-mail which is as under -

    Control No. 27060 – Programe: BNS -E.No. 062374376

    Dear Candidate,
    Kindly trace the three numbers also because the address are same for IGNOU which one is your’s is little bit difficult to find & the courier name first flight.

    Dear Candidate,

    See we doesn’t know which LOT number you are asking us,
    But we can provide you only the consignee slip number of courier. Including you two more candidates had applied Re-Assignment papers so we corrected all you three people & sent it to IGNOU on 16/11/13 each separately & the slip numbers are 1) C05263806 , 2)C05263807 & 3)C05263809 but with this numbers you can trace only in the courier office not in the OGNOU & please kindly call us & tell us clearly. Call us on 044-43502520.

    Kindly see above IMA,Chennai E-mail and issue me Grade Card and Degree Certificate at the earliest.
    Laxmansingh M. Rawat
    Programe: BNS -E.No. 062374376

    student service centre
    Dear Learner, Your grievance has been forwarded for further necessary action …

    MohanSingh Rawat mrrawat57@gmail.com

    to student
    Thank you Sir,

    I am very grateful to you

    Laxmansingh M. Rawat

    MohanSingh Rawat mrrawat57@gmail.com

    to student

    Till date we have not received any reply . Kindly do needful on urgent basis. I am awaiting your prompt reply. Kindly see earlier letter which is as underm-


    Laxmansingh M. Rawat

    MohanSingh Rawat mrrawat57@gmail.com

    to student

    We have not received any reply from IGNOU till date . Kindly it is very urgent. IGNOU have till date they have not add my BNA021 Assignment mark in my Card. Kindly do needful. I am awaiting your reply



    MohanSingh Rawat mrrawat57@gmail.com
    Jan 3

    to student

    I have sent several reminders for add the mark BNA021 assignment mark to Grade Card Status and also issue me Grade Card and B.sc Nautical degree certificate at the earliest. Because IMA Chennai already send the mark to you. Kindly see before e.mail also. I am very grateful to you . I am awaiting your reply.


    Laxmansingh M. Rawat
    Control No. 27060 – Programe: BNS -
    E.No. 062374376

  3. sir,
    my enrollment no.is-110938255, main mhd -03 assignment 1st yrs me submit kar di thi lekin abtak grade card me incomplite show kar raha hai, november me study centre me jake bola tha aur unhone kaha ki january me update ho jayega lekin ab tak nahi hua hai, sir please mera assignment no.update kar dijiye…………………

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have resubmitted my assignment file in the IGNOU study centre (JSS-ACTE)Bangalore. On October 2013,
    where my assignment result has been not completed last year ie 2012. And hence I have resubmitted assignment.and please announce my assignment results
    Name:Harish B C
    Enrollment no:092115640
    Course code:BTME
    Subject code:BME 029
    Subject title:Robotics.
    Harish B C

  5. Dear Sir,
    Iam a Student of IGNOU I have Completed MY M.Com Programme on June-2013 But till now i didnt received my Marks Cards and any other Documents. Please send us all my documents so that i Can develop my Carrer

    Thanking You,

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