IGNOU MBA Grade Card June Dec 2014

IGNOU MBA Grade Card 2014 : IGNOU has recently updated its IGNOU MBA Grade Card for 2014 with its latest June-December Assignments marks and practical exam marks also for IGNOU MBA students to see their complete Results with the status written “COMPLETED” means you have successfully completed that particular subjects in theory, practical and Assignments and you are now free from that subject.

If in your IGNOU MBA grade card status its written incomplete than you need to make sure that you must be lacking some marks either in theory, practical or Assignments. For that you have to appear in IGNOU MBA exam again to complete theory and for practical, If you have failed to reach IGNOU MBA assignments marks then you have to submit assignments again. Click below link to download latest IGNOU MBA Grade Card 2014

IGNOU MBA Grade Card 2014

Before viewing your IGNOU MBA Grade card 2014 do see your latest results of June 2014 which is announced by IGNOU on 9th July 2014 as early declaration for better status of your IGNOU MBA Grade card.
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